At Zwick & Jahn Funeral Homes, we understand the value of providing a comfortable atmosphere at our facilities.  To enhance this atmosphere, we created a separate dining area where our professional and compassionate staff seeks to make you as comfortable as possible during your time at the funeral home.  They will provide you with plates, cups,bottled water, premium coffee, lemonade, and tea. 

One of the values placed on food in our society has been its ability to provide comfort and healing with its aroma during times of stress.  Building on this value, we provide fresh baked cookies during your time at the funeral home.

Since 2007, to provide you with more convenience at the funeral home, Zwick & Jahn has offered you the simplicity of not having to leave the funeral home for food or beverage.  Have you ever thought of incorporating food and drink into the funeral service?  Here are a few of the options available at Zwick & Jahn either before or after the funeral service:


        Bring in your own food

        We can order pizza for delivery

        Your church or friends can provide the food

        We can coordinate and help plan the menu for a catered meal

Allow our caring staff to assist in setup and cleanup to complete the hassle-free service provided to each family.  Now each family has the convenience of being able to stay at the funeral home and share memories together without the distraction of having to worry about organizing food and refreshments. 


Bricks for fundraisers
Bricks for fundraisers

Picture frames for special gifts
Picture frames for special gifts

Create custom designs for special occasions such as weddings and graduations on a variety of surfaces.  Ask us for more details!

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